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I created Flaming Tortillas to bring Latin American food—and whatever else I’m feeling at the moment, to the forefront. Having lived and studied the region I found it curious that foreigners have such a misconstrued idea of what Latin cooking really is. Mexican food is not sour cream and burritos, Argentines while masters of meat—have a diverse culinary scene, and Cuban's have so much more to offer than the Cuba Libre!

The name Flaming Tortillas stems from a traumatic culinary experience when I was young. My mother (bless her!) didn’t learn to cook until she was in her mid-20s, married with children living in the United States. Her experience in the kitchen until that moment was well, non-existent. The family tradition of averting the kitchen goes back a couple of generations and it all came crashing on my mother when she realized that she wasn’t in Kansas in anymore (or in her case, Guatemala). One night for dinner my mother decides to put a couple of tortillas in the oven and basically forgot about them until all of a sudden smoke starts appears in the kitchen, mom then opens up the oven and there it was: a fire breathing oven with flaming tortillas. This culinary experience at the ripe age of like 6 years old, made we want to find out if there was more to eating than scorched tortillas—or cookies if you were lucky enough to be blessed on your birthday! And, if you’re wondering if my father had the culinary skills in my family—let’s just say we weren’t giving dad any grilling sets for Father’s Day either.

I live to eat and have been experimenting with food and recipes since that traumatic experience. Some good, some not so good, but always a good time. Through my culinary adventures I’ve learned a few things about myself: I’ll eat anything that involves chocolate, I HATE eggs, and have a general aversion to organs- no menudo for me thank you!

I, and my fellow foodie friends have a passion for cooking, and would love to hear what you have to say. So, make our food, share your experience with us and, please feel free to leave any questions or suggestions.

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When I was a little girl, I would only eat potatoes, schnitzels, spaghetti, arroz con crema (rice with cream) and quesadillas. Everything else with some kind of taste like veggies or fruit was quickly rejected out of my plate and life. But my passion for sports made me try something else than rice and bread, so I soon got interested in food, cooking and all kinds of tastes.

Born in Mexico, I love my people, traditions, colors and flavors. There’s nothing like a hot mexican chocolate to heal the heart and a quesadilla with epazote so season the soul. Nothing like the texture of a good mole and the hot feeling of a tasty salsa. 

Living in NYC has brought me a whole new world of people, cultures, traditions, places and ways of thinking. The culinary experience isn’t the exception, from the food stands in every other street to the fancy and refined bunch of restaurants full of billionaires and eclectic artists, everyone enjoying a greasy burger or looking for the best guacamole in the city. From food trucks to cupcake stores, gastropubs, pizza places or bistros, each one has one thing in common: a latin cooker in their kitchen. Good reason to be more interested in my culinary roots.