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Cubans Add Peas to Their Coffee (Again)

By Melissa Pitts

September 8, 2013 at 1:42pm MST

Cubans will again have that extra zing intheir coffee as the country resumes adding roasted peas to their coffee grounds. The measure was announced in the official newspaper, Granma, on Tuesday as the price of coffee soars for the island. 

Since 2005, Cubans have enjoyed pure coffee but Cuban government officials site the unsustainable cost of importing $47million a year worth of coffee beans to meet local consumption as the reason to reenact the measure. According to Granma the price of coffee, has risen from$1,740 to $2,904 per ton over the past year, in common with many foodstuffs.

While Cuba is a coffee producing country and the government has invested about $9.5 million since 2006 to modernize production and keep up with demand, it has proven difficult. The harvests have fallen short of the coffee loving country and the government simply cannot meet the 18,000-tons it’s citizens demand each year.

No word as to when exactly the new brew will hit supermarket shelves, but if Cubans are willing to pony up the money,they can still find the pure stuff in popular tourist attractions and hotels.